Dairy Free

Banana Pudding

This Dairy Free Banana Pudding has a homemade vanilla pudding with bananas and vanilla wafer cookies layered in between. It’s the perfect plant-based twist on a classic southern dessert.


Organic Cane Sugar Cornstarch Salt Almond Milk Vanilla Extract Nilla Wafers Bananas Coco Whip

Add the Vanilla Cookies

Step 1

- Layer the vanilla cookies on the bottom of the dish. You can add some to the sides as well.

Add the Sliced Bananas

Step 2

- Slice the bananas - Add the banana slices in a layer on top of the cookies.

Add the Dairy-Free Pudding

Step 3

– Pour on the vanilla pudding in a thick layer to cover the cookies and bananas.

Continue Layering

Step 4

– Repeat these steps until you get to just about the top of your serving dish. - Add some whipped cream to the top of the pudding and serve

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